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Thrive (C) Bio-Stimulant Crush (250ml)

Thrive (C) Bio-Stimulant Crush (250ml)

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Phosphate and nitrate accumulation are common problems for many reef aquariums because they slow the growth rates of coral and lead to blooms of red slime and hair algae. In nature, bacterioplankton keep these nutrients in check by metabolizing nitrates and phosphates alongside dissolved organic carbon. In aquariums, dissolved organic carbon is quickly exhausted, causing nitrate and phosphate to accumulate. Thrive’s Bio-Stimulant Crush provides dissolved organic carbon that is used by bacterioplankton to create new biomass from these nitrates and phosphates. This biomass acts as an efficient nutrient sink and is removed from a reef aquarium by the feeding activity of corals and protein skimming. Use Thrive’s Bio-Stimulant Crush to convert nitrates and phosphates into a living food for faster coral growth and better polyp extension. Thrive’s Bio-Stimulant Crush is made from aragonite and biologically degradable polymers.

The white particals in the shot above is Aragonite that is blended with our biologically degradable polymers.

Bio-Stimulant Crush 250 ml - Treats 125 gallons for 6 to 8 months 
Bio-Stimulant Crush 500 ml - Treats 250 gallons for 6 to 8 months

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