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Seachem Sulfathiazole

Seachem Sulfathiazole

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Sulfathiazole is an effective and safe treatment for many bacterial, fungal and protozoan infestations in the aquarium.

Usual dose is 250 mg per 40 L (10 gallons), but dose may be increased up to four-fold. Easily removed with carbon and does not impair nitrification.

Contains sulfathiazole

DIRECTIONS: Use 2 to 3 measures (each about 100mg) for every 40 L (10 gallons). Measurer is included. Repeat every 3 days until symptoms disappear. Turn off UV, ozone, and chemical filtration.

  • 10 g / 0.4 oz (Treats 2000 L (530 US Gallons)

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