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Hikari Frozen Gammarus Shrimp 4oz

Hikari Frozen Gammarus Shrimp 4oz

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These whole, extremely flavorful Gammarus are naturally gut-loaded with microscopic plant and animal matter, making them a highly nutritious, higher protein treat for your pet. With astaxanthin levels higher than Krill, Gammarus are an excellent color enhancing addition to your feeding regime. Gammarus have also been shown to improve shell hardness in turtles and the higher fat content makes them an ideal turtle treat.

An Excellent Choice For Turtles & Most Larger Cichlids, Severum, Australian Rainbows & Larger Specimens.

Hikari's extensive, multi-step sterilization process assures unequaled product quality. Free from harmful parasites, unwanted bacteria and foul odor.

  • 4 oz
  • 113 g
  • Flat Pack

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