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Avast Marine SeaBones Calcium Reactor

Avast Marine SeaBones Calcium Reactor

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Balanced replenishment of calcium and alkalinity is among the most important water quality corrections required for a thriving reef aquarium. Our SeaBones calcium reactor is an efficient, reliable, and economical means of maintaining stable calcium and alkalinity levels in your aquarium. All SeaBones models feature a bottom-up flow pattern with an adjustable gas recirculating loop to fully utilize every bubble of CO2. Our reactors are compatible with pH controllers, as all models feature a pH probe port for realtime reactor pH measurement. We recommend the large-grain "coral bones" style media in this reactor, as it will not turn to mud if the reactor chamber's pH is run low, unlike the smaller grained media.

Note that we offer recirculation pumps as an optional add-on to the reactors. We feel that while the Sicce Syncra pumps are very high quality and make excellent choices, you may already have a suitable pump on hand and should not be forced to buy another pump. All SeaBones reactors use 1/2" inner diameter soft tubing for the pump input and output connections, so adapting other water pumps is easy.

Technical Data

SeaBones I SeaBones II SeaBones III
Chamber diameter 3.5" (89mm) 4.5" (114mm) 6" (152mm)
Footprint 5"x5" (127mm x 127mm) 7"x7" (178mm x 178mm) 9"x9" (229mm x 229mm)
Total Height 24" (610mm) 24" (610mm) 24" (610mm)
Recommended recirculation pump Sicce Syncra 1.0 (251gph/950lph) or equivalent Sicce Syncra 1.0 (251gph/950lph) or equivalent Sicce Syncra 1.5 (357gph/1350lph) or equivalent
Media Capacity 6lbs/2.7kg 11lbs/5kg 20lbs/9.1kg
Heavily Stocked System capacity 150gal/565L 250gal/950L 500gal/1890L

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