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Avast Marine Mutiny Ozone Reactor

Avast Marine Mutiny Ozone Reactor

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The use of ozone in seawater filtration is a powerful means of achieving the crystal clear, “fish floating in air” effect seen in the world’s most beautiful marine aquaria.  An extremely powerful oxidizing agent, ozone will essentially “bleach” your seawater clean when used in a controlled environment in a safe and effective manner.  Since the amount of ozone needed to clarify water is significantly less than that needed to kill most pathogens or other organisms, the usefulness of ozone extends even to systems that employ “probiotic” means of nutrient control.  Coupled with an efficient protein skimmer, ozone can help improve water quality by breaking down large organic molecules into components more suited to skimming or usable by bacteria.  Ozone users frequently report an increase in skimmer productivity and almost always better water clarity and overall system health.

The AVAST Mutiny ozone reactor series is designed to react seawater in a pressurized, ozonated air environment.  The efficiency of this process is maximized by balancing water throughput with contact time as water is sprayed over a bed of thin HDPE ribbon media in an atmosphere of ozonated air.  The high surface area of this media allows much better gas exchange and oxidation of organic material than simply bubbling ozonated air through a column of water, as when using ozone in a protein skimmer.  The media also increases dwell time, since it creates a circuitous path for the water to reach the bottom exit.


Our reactor mixes water and air via custom designed conical spray nozzle and sprays this mixture into a diffuser chamber designed to distribute water over the ribbon media. Once the water reaches the bottom, it is forced up the output tube and into to the carbon post-filter where residual ozone and oxidation byproducts are removed. This path of water flow, coupled with the sizing of the fittings and pipe, is what creates a “pre-set” internal pressure, eliminating the need for an expensive stainless steel pressure gauge. All of our reactor sizes, when driven with the recommended water pump (or flow rate), will run with an internal pressure around 3psi. We recommend a Luft pump or similar air pump capable of producing at least 2 scfh (60lph) at 3psi in order to inject the appropriate amount of ozonated air.
Included with the reactor is an accurate Dwyer airflow meter.  During testing, we found this device to be invaluable in determining how much ozonated air was moving through the reactor.  Coupled with a performance curve of your chosen ozone generator, the air flow meter will tell you how much ozone you are using to achieve various water quality goals.  For example, you may find that 100mg/hr at 2scfh will remove any visible yellow tint from tank water.  Below, we give general guidelines for dosing ozone but since each system is different, some experimentation may be needed.

Ozone-safe water and air tubing and a kynar check valve are also included with every reactor.

Technical Data

Mutiny I Mutiny II Mutiny III
Chamber diameter 3.5" (89mm) 4.5" (114mm) 6" (152mm)
Footprint 5"x5" (127mm x 127mm) 7"x7" (178mm x 178mm) 9"x9" (229mm x 229mm)
Total Height 22" (560mm) 22" (560mm) 22" (560mm)
Recommended water pump Mag 3 (300gph/1150lph) or equivalent Mag 5 (500gph/1900lph) or equivalent Mag 7 (700gph/2650lph) or equivalent
Recommended air pump Luft pump (or 4+ psi capacity) Luft pump (or 4+ psi capacity) Luft pump (or 4+ psi capacity)
Carbon postfilter MR5-18 w/8 cups (2L) carbon MR10-18 w/12 cups (3L) carbon MR10-18 w/16 cups (4L) carbon
Max Ozone injection 100mg/hr 250mg/hr 500mg/hr
System capacity 200gal/750L 400gal/1500L 600gal/2200L

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