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Avast Marine Black Pearl Skimmer

Avast Marine Black Pearl Skimmer

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Have you ever seen a skimmer quite like this?  Introducing the 'Black Pearl', a highly refined iteration of our popular CS1 cone skimmer kit.  Based on lots of feedback from our CS1 customers, we've added several key features.  First and foremost, the Black Pearl is designed to be run externally, and is a recirculating design.  This allows flexibility with installation, as the unit can be run in or out of the sump.  Recirculating skimmers aren't affected by the water depth in which they sit, so in-sump users don't have to worry about making ideal sump chambers or platforms to raise and lower the skimmer itself.  Using a small feed pump or tee from your return manifold, you can control the flowthrough rate of your aquarium water, tuning it to your system's exact requirements.  Skimmers are best fed with water straight from an overflow box or biopellet reactor.  With this in mind, you could use one feed pump (or manifold) to push water through the biopellet reactor and hook the output directly to the skimmer input valve.

The smoked acrylic cone body doesn't just look sweet, it's functional too.  If your skimmer is in a lighted room or in a sump with a refugium light, you know how much algae grows in the skimmer body.  The dark acrylic blocks enough light to slow algae growth, but still allows you to see bubbles and foam level.  The clear neck allows precise adjustment.

The pump is an industry workhorse Sicce PSK-1000, customized by us with a venturi tuned to draw around 1100 lph (~40 scfh) of air at 26 watts.  We use an 8" body tapering to 4" neck diameter with this air draw, which is well balanced and creates a stable, non-turbulent foam head.  The pump is connected with a pair of unions and arranged below and offset from the skimmer body, making access easy during maintenance.
Heavy duty construction all around, including 3/8" (9.5mm) thick acrylic flat parts and all cast acrylic tubing make this skimmer one that will last.  Our optional 8" Swabbie neck cleaner is recommended for peak performance.  Additionally, the optional Davy Jones' Skimmate Locker is also shown in the picture, and the collection cup includes a large 1/2" union barb drain fitting to make hookup to the locker quick and easy.

Technical Details:
Tank Rating: Up to 250 gallons (1000L), heavily stocked.
Footprint: 16"x11" (406x280mm)
Height: 25" (635mm), with Swabbie 28.75" (730mm)
Diameter at Base 8" (200mm)
Neck diameter: 4" (100mm)
Collection Cup Diameter: 8" (200mm)
Collection Cup removal & clearance: press-fit o-ring, requires 3/4" (19mm) to remove.
Sicce PSK1000 performance: 40 scfh (1100 lph) @ 26w
For in sump or external use; requires approx. 200-400 gph (750-1500 lph) feed pump.
Warranty: 1 year.

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