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Avast Marine Auto Top-Off Deluxe

Avast Marine Auto Top-Off Deluxe

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ATO Magnet Mount
Backup Float Valve
One of the most frequently asked questions concerning our popular Top-Off Kit is "which pump works best?"  While we designed the basic kit to work with just about any water pump, we have always felt that peristaltic pumps are the best choice when moving small amounts of water.  Quality peristaltic pumps, also known as dosing pumps, provide very consistent flow rates and require little maintenance.  Their anti-siphon characteristic is an important feature concerning evaporation replacement.  This allows you to place your top-off reservoir anywhere in relation to your tank, sump, or kalk stirrer.  With traditional water pumps, situating the top-off reservoir above the level of your sump could lead to siphoning and overflow unless specifically designed otherwise.  With a peristaltic pump, you get a precise amount of water delivered exactly where you want it, and not a drop more.  Our pump is capable of delivering water at up to 20 feet of head pressure.  That's several stories up or down, and hundreds of feet horizontally.  No need to have your top-off reservoir under your tank.  You can keep it out in the garage on the other side of the house!

The precise flow rate from a peristaltic pump makes delivering kalk to your aquarium much safer and easier.  We always use them with kalk stirrers; combined with a pH controller for a dual failsafe, you can't beat this setup for adding calcium and alkalinity along with evaporation top-off.

Our peristaltic pump is powered by a 12v DC motor; international customers, please select the correct AC/DC adapter below.

Note that in the photo above, the cup represents the top-off reservoir.  The blue tube, which carries fresh water, goes from the reservoir to the pump, then from the pump to the tubing holder on the magnet mount.  The magnet mount, which also holds the pressure sensor tube, is easily positioned anywhere in your sump or back filtration chamber.  Deluxe ATOs do come with the bonus cup (while supplies last), but we do recommend a larger top-off reservoir.
Technical Data:
Water level sensitivity: 1/2" 
Magnet strength: up to 1/2" glass
Magnet bracket dimensions: 2-3/4" front to back x 4-1/4" wide (excluding external magnet half, 5/8" thick)
Nano bracket dimensions: 2-3/8" front to back x 2-5/8" wide (excluding external magnet half, 5/8" thick)
Pump box dimensions: 4.5" tall x 3.25" wide x 4.25" deep 
Input power: DC 12v
Flow rate: 120mL/min (2gph)
Switch rating: 10+ million cycles
Warranty: 1 year

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